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  1. Eric was a solid tutor for the Va. Bar. He really helped me shore up my weaknesses and bolster my strengths. I'd recommend him to anyone needing guidance on tackling the Va. Essay or MBE. Don't bother with the cookie-cutter approach at the large bar preparation schools. Go with Eric.

  2. I hired Eric because I needed to study efficiently and effectively, and I also struggled with the nuances of preparing adequately for the MBE. His method helped me focus my limited time on my specific areas of weakness - both in subject matter and test format, which gave me the boost I needed to pass the exam. I am licensed in multiple states and have taken commercial courses, which were not nearly as effective as Eric's tailored approach. I highly recommend his course for anyone taking the bar in any state that gives the MBE and an essay exam. - Allison

  3. After failing the July Bar Exam for VA in 2013, I came to Eric at the recommendation of a good friend who also had to re-take the exam and passed on his second try with Eric's help. At the time, I was distressed about having to study all over again but my friend reassured me: "Go with Eric and he will tell you everything you need to know" was my friend's exact quote. Eric did not disappoint. He made me realize that when I studied the first time using one of the major commercial prep services, I was actually over-studying and burning my self out. Eric developed a curriculum that worked very well for my schedule and helped me to study smarter not harder. I went into and came out of the February exam feeling much stronger and more confident overall (still waiting on results). My best advice to future students of Eric is not to forget that even though Eric can and will guide you every step of the way, the Bar Exam study process is still challenging and time-consuming (there's no getting around that part). BUT if you put your time in, Eric, who has a very good grasp of all the tricks and traps of the Virginia exam, will help you to prioritize your study-time and focus your energies on the most heavily tested areas. This makes his program especially well-suited for those with full or part-time jobs. Eric is also very approachable and responsive-- making himself available via phone/text/e-mail during those anxiety-fueled "freak out" moments leading up to exam to answer questions and clarify matters. I would recommend Eric to anyone taking the bar exam in Virginia whether on their first or second time around. -- Jon White

    1. Just as an update, I did in fact pass the February Bar Exam in Virginia. Now the hard part is over (I hope!). Thanks again Eric for everything! Very happy to have it behind me.

  4. Eric is an awesome tutor! I believe I must have been a nervous wreck. Even during the middle of the first day I called hysterically crying believing I had failed the test. He reassured me that I had done everything that was naturally possible to adequately prepare and to get myself back together for the remainder of the exam. Happy to report I infact did not fail. I passed the Va February 2013 bar exam.

    I am thankful to Eric for the time he took to meet with me according to my schedule. He helped me create a study process that fit my life and family needs.

    - Chanel Jackson

  5. Eric is by far the best and his strategy for the MBE and VAT are priceless! I failed the July 2013 Virginia Bar Exam and found myself in a place where I needed to pick myself back up, re-evaluate my study strategy, and prepare for the February 2014 exam. To say merely that I was discouraged was a understatement - I followed the pacing guides of the commercial prep course, put in the hours, yet, I still did not pass. After talking with different tutors, I decided to work with Eric.

    Unquestionably, I felt more confident and prepared for the February 2014 Bar exam by hiring Eric and following his advice as opposed to the commercial prep course I previously took. First, Eric assisted me in identifying my weaknesses; then we developed a custom-tailored approach and study schedule that incorporated tactics you will not find anywhere else. I love this in particular because, despite working full-time and being involved in other activities, Eric made studying for the Bar exam much more manageable and efficient. In fact, my practice scores improved DRASTICALLY in comparison to my July 2013 practice scores. Moreover, Eric is like always available and very responsive. Eric exceled in giving me the techniques and confidence I needed for this exam.

    I wish I would've chosen Eric to assist me with preparing for the exam the first time. Without hesitation, I recommend Eric to anyone taking the Virginia bar exam. He will give you the tools you need to succeed and feel more confident.

    --Jennifer D.

  6. When I first came to Eric I had just found out that I had failed the July 2013 Virginia Bar Exam. I was heartbroken. I had studied so much using a traditional bar prep course. When I finally got my scores in the mail I found out I had missed the passing score by two scaled points – not even two real points! I was devastated – not so much at the fact that I had failed but at the fact that I would have to go through the entire studying process all over again. I was exhausted after the studying and preparation I did for the July exam and after failing, I cried for at least two weeks over the thought of having to go through that preparation again. Before I even got my scores I emailed Eric. I had been following his blog about the bar exam while I was studying for the July exam. I found all of his information very helpful while I was studying my first time around. When I spoke to him for the first time over the phone and he explained to me how I could fit studying into my life instead of fitting my life around studying and how he could help me work out an effective study schedule that allowed me enough study time even while working a full time job. After speaking with him the first time, I was excited to get started again.

    Working with Eric was awesome. His methods are incredible and utilize all the important aspects from various other methods of studying for the bar exam. I felt like I utilized my time was better this time and was confident about the stuff I was learning rather than being shaky about the entire subject like I had been when I prepped for July 2013. I will say though, I was and always had been a skeptic for using note cards. I always felt that they were not quite helpful to me. But, I trusted Eric and gave it a shot and when it came down to crunch time I realized there was a method to his strategy the whole time and was so thankful I trusted in it from the start. Going into the exam this time I felt so much better than when I sat for the exam in July. This is the second time I have taken the exam and while I can’t say for certain whether or not I passed until the end of April, what I can say is that Eric really helped me learn the important aspects of the law and helped me to feel confident about what I knew going into the exam. He was also very understanding about how stressful the preparation could get at times. I would recommend him to anyone taking any bar exam he offers tutor preparation to. He is the best!!!!

    Thank you so much Eric for all of your help!!!

    Nicole M

    1. I would just like to leave an update - I passed the bar exam!!!!! Once again I will say, Eric is an amazing tutor and I am so thankful to him for all of his help and encouragement. Good luck to everyone taking the bar in the future!!! :)

  7. Eric is an excellent tutor and I would recommend him to anyone studying for a bar exam. I used a different study service for my first attempt at passing the bar and it was a negative experience. With the previous service, no matter how hard I worked and stuck to the study plan, my practice scores did not improve and my well-being suffered. It was like drinking through a firehose. As a result, I did not pass the bar on my first attempt. I was fortunate to have found Eric shortly thereafter when I decided to take a non-Virginia bar exam. It turned out to be one of the best things to happen to me after not passing on my first try.

    He is devoted to his students and takes a smart, effective approach to studying for the bar. From day one he worked with me to craft a realistic study plan that factored in my work commitments, workouts, leisure time and anything else that would improve my frame of mind for studying. All of this was done with an eye to preventing overstudying and with the understanding that the schedule was subject to change if needed. If I missed a day due to some unforeseen circumstance, we would just regroup and modify the study plan a bit for the next week or two, rather than pile on and overstudy.

    I met with Eric in person and by phone once a week for a few months leading up to the exam. Between sessions he was always diligent about staying in touch to answer any questions, provide feedback and offer encouragement. It was tremendously helpful to have that support system.

    Because of working with Eric, on both test days I felt calm, confident and strong. I will receive my scores soon and again feel good about how I did. If the outcome indicates otherwise, without question I would work with Eric again to give it another shot.

    -Alex, Wisconsin Bar Exam, February 2013

  8. Edit from my March 25 post above: I passed! Thanks Eric!

    -Alex, Wisconsin Bar Exam, February 2013

  9. After failing the UBE Bar Exam three times, I found Eric through his website, because I wanted to find someone who understood the mechanics of the Bar Exam better than myself. I thought I knew the law well, but my Bar results did not reflect my anticipated scores. What I found was a tutor who understood how to take the exam, rather just how to "study" for it. VA Eric's approach emphasizes where the points can be had, rather than going through the various motions found in commercial Bar prep courses, not highlighting where the real points are. Trust me, I have taken two, including an intensive MBE multi-question barrage in an effort to master the second day. It was exhausting.

    What I later learned from VA Eric was that less can be more. By approaching the limited scope of the MBE (restricted by 200 questions) only certain items can be realistically tested, and they are tested often. Eric had me refocus my preparation unlike my previous attempt by mastering the most commonly tested areas, leaving little hesitation on those subjects when it came to the actual exam. Additionally, incorporating test taking tactics such as watching out for "Red Herrings" and "Golden Paths" really made me scrutinize the intricacies of the law that the Examiners were trying to test. This made me feel almost uncomfortably confident the day of the exam, because I knew the law the Examiners wanted, but more importantly I knew the exceptions they were trying to "trick" the examinee into choosing the wrong answer. I say uncomfortably confident, because I could feel the anxiety from other test takers, probably because they were second guessing themselves throughout the exam, but I knew the subjects well, the style of the questions, and more importantly how to answer them correctly.

    This time around, I felt like I studied for the Bar Exam much more smarter than harder. Despite any background personal issues such as work, life, and various other distractions, Eric worked with me to accomplish certain goals at certain times, and put me in the best position to pass the Bar Exam. I will agree with others in that I wish I had found Eric the first time around; however, I am glad he was there this time, and more importantly I am relieved that I passed the Bar Exam. Thanks, Eric!

    1. - Erik, UBE Jurisdiction Feb. 2014

  10. I highly recommend Eric's tutoring services. I have taken ALL of the commercial Bar Exam Prep courses, and they were simply not enough to pass the Virginia Bar. Feeling devastated and anxious to take it again, he suggested that I take different Bars in order to gain confidence.

    So I took Eric’s advice, and I worked with him via phone, occasionally on skype and e-mail, and I was able to pass both the DC and the NJ Bars on the first try this past February 2014. I took the Bars concurrently, and thanks to him, I now have both of them under my belt.

    I primarily had difficulty with the MBE portion of the exam, and because of Eric’s approach, my score increased on average by 11-13 points. He taught me how to attack the questions from a systematic standpoint, and simply put things in better perspective. I worked with Eric either once a week or every 2 weeks, and studied for about 7-8 hours a day, and did not feel like I was over studying. This helped me to manage my stress level. Eric also helped me to polish my essay writing, balancing all portions of the exam. This was also the first time I had taken the MPT, which I was nervous about, and Eric helped me to approach that as well.

    Eric has been such a supportive and positive tutor. There were times that I was in tears, but he kept reassuring me that eventually I would pass the exam, and I did...both of them, which was more than I had ever expected. His approaches truly work.

    I will definitely contact Eric for Virginia Bar prep in the future. My confidence has increased tremendously, especially after success on these past Bars. Thank you, Eric!

  11. I took the Virginia bar exam four times. It is brutal. I spent all my time studying material, and spend very little time studying strategy. It only took a 90 minute call until I realized how much time I had wasted. Call Eric, he knows what he's talking about. I passed on my fifth try.

  12. If your looking at this testimonial tab then you most likely failed to pass the bar and you are contemplating what to do next. I know what your thinking "what can some guy do to help me pass the bar that I can't figure out myself" or "all I have to do is study a little harder using Barbri" STOP IT RIGHT THERE. I failed to pass the Virginia Bar Exam after saying the same thing to myself multiple times. However, it was only when I got real with myself and took a leap of faith and contacted Eric and followed his process that I was finally able to pass the Virginia Bar Exam. And let me tell you I didn't barely pass I know I smoked that Exam.

    Believe me if you contact Eric and follow his process YOU WILL PASS. As I sit back and think about it I would have never been able to manage the bar exam without Eric. And I am for ever grateful to Eric. And if you ask me his services are worth 10 times what he charges.

    Give him a shot, if you follow his method and give full effort you will pass the Bar.


  13. I failed the bar exam 3 times using the BarBri method and called Eric near desperation after I had failed the 3rd time. After working with Eric, I realize that I was over-studying the material and not focusing enough on the test itself. Eric's strategy to tackle the bar exam is excellent...and I am proud to say that I am officially a Virginia licensed attorney!

    If you are having trouble with your state's bar exam - contact Eric immediately. He will get you through this!

    - HD

  14. After failing the July 2014 Virginia Bar Exam, I was interested in changing my study habits for the February exam. I had used a commercial program to prepare for the July exam, and found that it provided neither the structure nor the strategy that I needed.

    There are many differences between the commercial program I used and Eric, but the main difference is that Eric individualizes his tutoring to best fit the needs of his students. Instead of the one-size-fits-all plan that the commercial programs use, Eric sits down with his students and creates a study schedule that fits around their own particular day-to-day lives. Eric and I drew up a calendar and broke down what I was doing each day, and fit in study times accordingly. So, not only did I have a day-to-day and week-to-week plan, I had a plan that adapted to me, as opposed to the other way around.

    The other major difference between the commercial programs and Eric is that Eric streamlines the studying process. The commercial programs simply dump all of the law onto your lap. The key to Eric’s process is to not only study the material, but to study the exam itself. Not only does Eric use real multiple choice and essay questions from past exams as your main study tools, he also figures out which areas of law are most likely to show up on your exam and puts a greater emphasis on those areas. The bar exam requires you to know a lot of law; Eric’s tutoring makes this a much last daunting task.

    I passed the February 2014 exam because I had more confidence going into it than I did going into the July 2014 exam. I had more confidence because I had a stronger grasp of the material, a better understanding of what I was likely to see on the exam, and a more solid foundation that I had spent the last couple months building. If you’re interested in these things for yourself heading into your bar exam, I would strongly recommend working with Eric.

    -TS, Virginia Bar Exam, Feb. 2014

  15. I came to Eric after failing the July 2014 VA bar exam. I had recently graduated from a top law school (where I was an average student) and even had a job lined up. All I had to do was pass the bar exam. I was the person that assumed I could pass by taking a commercial program and giving a mediocre effort for the few months leading up to the exam... just like I did in most of my law school classes. Boy was I wrong... I followed the commercial program and scored very poorly on both the essay and MBE portions of the exam.

    When I approached Eric, I was honest with him that because of my busy schedule, I could not begin studying for the bar exam again until mid-late December. After discussing the options with Eric, we decided that the DC bar exam would be the best option given my scheduling needs (I only had about 2 1/2 months to devote to studying). Eric helped me come up with a schedule and stick to it. He was always there for me and helped me build confidence and truly learn the necessary materials along the way. I was very skeptical of his tactics and process at first, but looking back I should have never been. His expertise and knowledge of the most effective bar exam preparation guided me through the long and tedious process of studying for the bar exam. He takes you outside your comfort zone, which is necessary to pass any bar exam. His process is realistic and comprehensive and you will cut out a lot of the unnecessary aspects of studying that are included in commercial programs (saving you time). His focused methods are guaranteed to help any student pass the bar exam.

    As for me, I passed the Feb. 2015 DC bar exam! Not only that, I scored 25 points higher on the MBE. I would recommend Eric to anyone (even first time test takers). Don't make the same mistake I did in July 2014 and hire Eric to guide you through studying for the bar exam.... you will NOT regret it!

    -EC, DC bar exam, Feb. 2015

  16. I failed the VA bar exam twice using Barbri and finally passed with Eric's help in July 2015. He designed an individualized study plan around my schedule, taking into account my strengths and weaknesses.

    What also separates Eric's method from the commercial courses is that he shows you not only how to effectively study for the MBE, but also how to take the test strategically. He helps you identify "easy" points and avoid wasting time on question traps designed to throw you off.

    Eric's approach to essay preparation is also very logical, efficient, and manageable. He shows you how to prepare for the essays without getting overwhelmed by the material.

    I highly recommend Eric's streamlined approach for both first time takers and repeaters. Good Luck!

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