MBE Flash Cards

I want to note that the value of index cards is in making them yourself -- that is as much a learning process as reviewing them. However, I also understand that some of you don't have the luxury of time. For those of you who wish to use my set as a study aid, I am providing a full set of MBE flash cards for purchase below. This set is my personal set; I drafted each card, about 340 in total, when I prepared for the MBE three years ago.

The beauty of the MBE is that the tested issues do not change or vary from year to year. Why? Because the NCBE has neither the time nor the resources nor a need to reinvent the wheel with each new MBE administration. Year after year, applicants struggle on the same issues and fall for the same tricks and traps. So, yes, this set is as relevant to today's MBE as it was a few years ago. And I designed the set specifically for MBE purposes, which means the cards (a) cover issues the way the MBE will ask you about them and (b) include a lot of the common subject matter tricks and traps that you will see on the MBE.

I drafted my flash cards using several MBE resources. Generally, cards that I pulled from Emanuel's Strategies & Tactics practice questions reflect more foundational, frequently tested law. Cards that I pulled from Kaplan PMBR practice questions reflect tougher, fine-line legal distinctions. Starred cards reflect more important law and concepts for MBE purposes.

Please note, too, that my flash cards will be in sharp contrast to commercial MBE flash cards, which are considerably larger and more bogged down with details and extraneous content. In my experience, commercial MBE flash cards are no more than long outlines that are cut up into card form. In my opinion, those sort of cards are very unhelpful during MBE prep and may even hinder your studies. Instead, my cards are standard 3' x 5' cards that were slightly adjusted for Microsoft Excel settings. More importantly, I trimmed the fatty, unnecessary details from my cards, leaving only the leanest, most important points. For a brief sampling of cards, click HERE.

The format is six PDFs, organized by subject: Constitutional Law, Contracts and Sales, Criminal Law and Procedure, Evidence, Real Property, and Torts. The cost is $150.00, payable through PayPal HERE. You do not need a PayPal account to make payment; all major credit and debit cards are accepted. After payment, you will be automatically directed to a secured link from which you may print or download the cards.

(Note: The NCBE will make Federal Civil Procedure the seventh tested subject on the MBE, starting with the February 2015 administration. The NCBE has not released any material about the addition, including practice questions, so everybody will be in the same boat in haphazardly preparing for that subject. The backbone of the MBE will remain with the original six subjects.)


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