Monday, March 7, 2016

Date of Results for February 2016 Virginia Bar Exam

Another exam bites the dust. This administration was classic Virginia: essays from all Tier 1 subjects, most Tier 2 subjects, and a light cherry picking of Tier 3 subjects. Coupled with a textbook MBE (Civ Pro was, once again, manageable), you're left with one of the toughest but fairest bar exams in the country. Great job to my students and readers alike for giving it hell!

The VBBE expects to release results on Friday, April 22, 2016. Fridays are a good thing. Either you spend the weekend in celebration or despair. Either way, you get the emotion out of your system so that Monday becomes a take-charge fresh start. 

Don't despair about results or the agony of waiting for them. Life is too precious to get hung up on an exam. Spring is right around the corner, so get out there and enjoy it! Whatever the results are on April 22, you're going to be OK.

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