Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Tutoring Inquiries


This season's number of inquiries about tutoring was significantly larger than in previous years, so it's taking me a bit longer to sift through and process. I apologize for the delay. Rest assured, for those who have emailed me recently, I will reply back this week.

Thank you,



  1. Hey Eric, I really appreciate the information you provide and think your strategy is well thought-out! With that said, what is your opinion on spending a whole day doing the Barbri simulated written essays?

    1. I wouldn't spend an entire day at this point on a simulated exam. That's precious study time that's potentially lost! Better option would be to print out a couple past exams from William & Mary's website. Outline your answers with a few quick bullet points and compare them to the briefly bulleted answers that are provided. You should be able to get through an exam in about three hours that way.

      If you're struggling on essays, it's probably not because you don't know how to write an essay. It's probably because you don't yet have a deep enough grasp on the law, so address that before worrying about simulating an exam.

    2. Thank you so much for your advice!