Friday, October 17, 2014

July 2014 Virginia Bar Exam Results -- RELEASED

The VBBE released the July 2013 Virginia Bar Exam Results late this afternoon. Click here for the results. Special congratulations go out to my summer students who passed! You did it!

In summary, the overall pass rate was on the lower end for July: 68.00%, with first-time takers peaking at 72.86%. Congratulations to the University of Virginia School of Law for having the highest overall and first-time taker passages rate (88.37% and 89.41%, respectively).

Please note that there are two pass lists. If your name is on the first list -- Pass List One -- then you met all requirements and are licensed as of yesterday. If your name is on the second list -- Pass List Two -- then you achieved a passing score on the bar exam, but other outstanding requirements in your file remain (e.g., the MPRE exam). Names on Pass List Two are not licensed as of yesterday. You will find more information on the swearing-in ceremony before the Virginia Supreme Court by clicking here.

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