Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Norfolk, VA -- Where to Stay?

I'm getting questions again about lodging in Norfolk, VA. The VBBE will hold the February 2014 Virginia Bar Exam at the Norfolk Waterside Marriott (see map here). The actual testing room will be a single, conference-type ballroom in the Marriott’s conference center, which internally connects to the hotel. (Handwriting examinees will be in a much smaller ballroom, one or two floors above.)

I recommend booking a room at the Marriott. It’s pricey, and you will have to pay for hotel garage parking for two days. Also, bar examinees will be crawling everywhere, in every restaurant, at every table, on every floor and in every available room. But it’s extremely convenient and well worth the little extra. Other benefits include the calmness and tranquility of your hotel room between session, which will beat your miserably-cold car or whatever random cranny you can find on the lobby floor or near the ballroom (good luck). Also, depending on elevator traffic, the commute from your hotel room to the ballroom will probably take all of five minutes. Best of all, you’ll never have to step outside in the cold or rain. 

If the Marriott's all booked up, try the Sheraton behind the Marriott on the other side of Waterside Drive (see map here). It is not more than a ten-minute walk to the Marriott's conference center. If the weather is rubbish, the Waterside Festival Marketplace, which is next to the Sheraton, connects to the Marriott complex by way of a covered overpass. Keep in mind that, if you opt to stay at the Sheraton, you probably will not have enough time to return to your hotel room between sessions.



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  1. Glad I booked my room at the Waterside!