Thursday, October 31, 2013

July 2013 New York Bar Exam Results -- RELEASED

The New York State of Law Examiners recently released results of the July 2013 New York bar exam. The overall passage rate was 69%, although it's more interesting to dissect that percentage. The passing examinees break down as follows:

 New York ABA Schools - First Time Takers 88%
 Out-of-State ABA Schools - First Time Takers 84%
 All ABA Graduates - First Time Takers 86%
 Foreign-Educated - First Time Takers 46%
 All Foreign-Educated 37%
 All First Time Takers 78%
 All Candidates 69%

Not surprisingly, foreign examinees are at a severe disadvantage, not just in New York but in other diverse jurisdictions like D.C. and California. A civil law training, coupled with taking and writing an exam in English, presents unique challenges that American-bred and -trained examinees take for granted.

July 2013 MBE Statistics

The national mean scaled score for the July 2013 MBE was 144.2 with a range of 41.2 to 189.9. (Hats off to whomever scored one-tenth of a point from a perfect score!)  

For more information, click here. Please note that the Pennsylvania Board of Law Examiners prepared this paper; thus most of the statistics analyze Pennsylvania bar examinees. Nonetheless, the board's information is very interesting. For example, somebody received scaled score a 148.8 on the MBE -- and did not pass the Pennsylvania bar. On the other hand, another taker received a 122 scaled MBE score -- and pulled a miracle! 

July 2013 Virginia Bar Exam Results -- RELEASED

The VBBE released the July 2013 Virginia Bar Exam Results late this afternoon. Click here for the results.

In summary, the overall pass rate was 75.06%, with first-time takers pumping up to 79.54%. Congratulations to George Mason University School of Law for having the highest passage rate among first-time takers (93.37%), and to the University of Virginia School of Law for having the highest overall passage rate (93.07%).

Please note that there are two pass lists. If your name is on the first list -- Pass List One -- then you met all requirements and are licensed as of today. If your name is on the second list -- Pass List Two -- then you achieved a passing score on the bar exam, but other outstanding requirements in your file remain (e.g., the MPRE exam). Names on Pass List Two are not licensed as of today.

To those examinees who did not pass, I will post more soon. In the meantime, the important thing to remember is that today's news is a setback -- that is all. Not passing is not a reflection of your abilities or your potential as an attorney. With the right combination of strategy, discipline and restraint, you will pass in February. Believe in yourself!