Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Percentile Equivalents of MBE Scaled Scores and Raw Scores by Subject

The February 2013 Bar Exam Results Season began today with Illinois' release. Of interest to other jurisdictions are MBE data that Illinois released, particularly the percentile equivalents, which I'm linking here. If Illinois is any representation of the rest of the country, Torts and Contracts were the "easiest" MBE subjects while Constitutional Law and Evidence were the "hardest." Also, a scaled MBE score of 135 put a candidate in the 40th MBE percentile, a 140 in the 55th MBE percentile, a 145 in the 71st MBE percentile, and a 150 in the 81st MBE percentile.

Those statistics are interesting, but please take them with a grain of salt. The margin between the subjects is actually quite thin, and "easy" and "hard" is all relative anyway and dependent on a variety of other variables.

Expect North Carolina and West Virginia to release their results very shortly too.



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