Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Suggested Answers to the February 2013 Virginia Bar Exam Essays


Today, various scholars from the law schools at William & Mary, George Mason, U. of Richmond, and Regent released a summary of suggested answers to the essay portion of the February 2013 Virginia Bar Exam. Their suggested answers, although typically brief, are very thorough, reliable, and they cover all the issues. Click on the link above to review them.

Please keep in mind that for many Virginia essays, there may not be a singularly "correct" answer. While the VBBE may prefer one answer over another, often they will accept several answers, so long as you pick one and discuss your reasoning behind it. All to say, if you are comparing William & Mary's suggested answers to Barbri's, both versions may be correct. And if you are pulling your hair out because William & Mary discussed XYZ in an essay, but you didn't, that doesn't mean you're automatically doomed. The suggested answers are helpful, but they're not the final word. That belongs to the VBBE.



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