Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The Honeymoon Is Over

Hello, All --

Well, it's October. In nine or ten days, the VBBE will release results of the July 2012 Virginia Bar Exam. Chances are, the VBBE has internally drafted the PASS/FAIL lists, and they are now cross-checking their grades and tallies.  For you, the last week or so will likely be a miserable one - the worst period, in my opinion. In the previous two months, when exam anxiety crept up, you could write it off ("Results are still months away, forget about them. For now."). Now that luxury is gone; the moment of truth is near. Some of you might already have a gut-reaction on how you fared. (The poll on the left-hand side of my homepage reflects some of your reactions.) Rest assured, the agony will be soon be over.

That's the bad news. Or the good news, depending on how you look at it. The reality is, nothing's actually changed. Again, what’s done was done back in July, and all the hope in the world won't change anything. Accept it. More to the point, though, is that bar exam results, whether you pass or fail, will never define who you are, neither personally nor professionally nor any other way. You are ten times better than the bar exam to allow it to bring you down to a level of constant despair and anxiety and self-pity. Especially in this last week, you must not forget that. Pass or fail, you are still you.

A couple other thoughts to share:
  • I'm quite surprised that William & Mary's faculty has not released their draft essay answers. Usually, they post them in early September, so I'm at a loss as to why they're late. Hopefully, they'll get around to it, but I wouldn't count on it before October 12. Even if they did post suggested answers before then, why bother at this point?
  • And about October 12; that's not exactly a hard-and-fast date. Historically, the VBBE either posts results on the stated day or else the day before, in this case October 11. For what it's worth, my hunch is on October 12. It's a Friday, and I look at it from the VBBE's perspective: Post results, close the office early to avoid the mass stampede of crazy phone calls, and let the whole thing blow over the weekend. Would I put money on my prediction? Nope. The point is, just don't expect any results before October 11.
Good luck, everybody! Hang in there, and remember to keep this next week in perspective. Please, just trust me on this one.



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  1. Virginia's Bar Results are out!!!