Wednesday, September 12, 2012

One Month to Go

In one month, the VBBE will release the results of the July 2012 Virginia Bar Exam. Tom Petty was right: Waiting is the hardest part. For many of you, October 12 will bring immense joy and relief. For others, it will bring sadness and despair. No matter how anxious you are now, the outcome will not change. What’s done was done back in July. I could say don’t bother worrying about October 12, but I know you will anyway. But try your best to keep the anxiety to a minimum. It really is wasted energy.

Now, for those of you who are swallowed up by sadness and despair on October 12, fear not – your future is not nearly as disastrous as you are convinced it will be. Six months from October 12, you will look back on that low point as being the better for it. In the grand scheme, failing the bar exam on your first try is a blip. The problem is, bar examinees are very shortsighted. Anxieties are up, jobs sway in the balance, the fear of repeating feels like a death sentence. Basically, we magnify everything in our tunnel of vision. You can choose to wallow in your sorrow, or you can leverage that sorrow to rise up with a full heart and bury the bar once and for all. In the process, I expect you’ll also learn a thing or two about yourself.

The point is, don’t fear October 12. It’s not Doomsday. Take it in stride, and keep your head up whatever the outcome. You will overcome this hurdle, whether in a month or next April. The power is already within you. 

Happy September.

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