Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Review of Barbri's Virginia Professional Responsibility Lecture (Velloney)

Review of Barbri's State-Specific Professional Responsibility Lecture (Velloney) (Grade: C-)

The lecture is a waste of time. The subject is NOT. The VBBE loves to zing bar examinees with Professional Responsibility (PR) essays. In July 2011, the VBBE devoted one full essay and one half essay exclusively to PR. So be warned. 

That being said, Barbri's lecture rambles. Chuck it and head straight to the PR essays. Make your index cards from them. Afterward, take a look at the Convisor outline for PR. Just skim through it once and see if anything jumps out at you. Mostly, though, let the essays and short answers teach you bar exam PR.

While my suggested approach to PR is not 100% fool proof, it'll give you a great leg up over the rest of the crowd. Most bar examinees completely blow off PR, thinking it's BS-able. Don't be one of them! The VBBE take Virginia PR very seriously, and it's quite unlike the MPRE or that joke course you took in law school. Nothing's worse than hitting 1.5 essays on a subject you don't know a lick about. If you read all of the PR essays, which isn't many, then make your index cards from them and diligently learn your cards, you'll be in better PR shape than 98% of the bar examinees around you.

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