Thursday, June 28, 2012

Your New Theme Song While You Study for the Bar

Olympic officials this week released the official song of the 2012 London Olympics. "Survival," by Muse - an English rock band, fittingly.

At the end of July, as you walk into the exam room, imagine yourself strutting into Olympic Arena, with this - your theme song - blaring overhead. Imagine the bar exam committee acting as the chorus. The head proctor is the long-haired solo guitarist, perched high on a craggy rock, lit only by moonlight. Suddenly, flames erupt and outline the path to your chair. A lone wolf howls in the distance. Thunder strikes all around. You think to yourself, "Did I just take a hot tub time machine back to a Def Leppard concert?" No. Something better awaits you. The bar exam. Played by Ivan Drago.

WWRD. What would Rocky do?

Exactly. Go and do likewise, gents. Go and do likewise. And let this ballad help you on the way.

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